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I am a Solitary Pagan mother of one. I started my path as a teen and have continued to learn and grow as I age. Now in my early thirties I finally start to feel as if I am finding myself. I am a modest, head covering (veiling) Pagan. Who recently just started this practices. I feel that I have finally really started to listen and hear the Gods and Goddesses call. Please remember there is no right path, just the path that is right for you. )0( Blessings

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pagan Veiling, and head covering

There is a huge controversy regarding Pagan women who choose to veil, and the reasons a Pagan women may choose to veil are many, and the way the choose to veil are numerous. I don't really want to get into all that in this post. Instead I feel that explaining myself and only myself is a better idea.

It started out as inkling, just a feeling that I should veil/head cover. My first thought was this is ridiculous Pagan women don't cover. So I ignored it for I don't know how long. Then the feeling became more of a calling. Yes Pagan's do get callings from the Gods, and Goddess. Still my reaction was but Pagan women just don't do this! Then it became more of a screaming in my face. So I thought what the heck and started researching. I was flabbergasted, Pagan women do veil!!! Still I had to think about this, so I continued to research. One of the first things I read that really hit home was for some head covering help keeps the head chakra clear, and keeps down the noise. As an Empathic person this sounded fabulous!! Then the more I read about women (and some men) feeling called from the deities, it didn't feel so strange to me anymore. I didn't feel like there was something so called wrong with me.
   So I started, it felt fantastic to finally answer the call so to speak. I also did find that it kept the "noise" down. I am pretty new to veiling but have done it everyday since I started. I choose to cover not only my head but my hair as well. I am a pretty modest person, so this felt right for me.
   I am in no way saying go cover your hair, I think that every person regardless of religion has to do what is right for them. I think it is sad that there are so many people Pagans included who feel the need to judge another person. Paganism is about finding your self and individuality. That is the great thing about it, and there are so many paths to choose from.
   It is not my place to judge someones spiritual path because everyone has a unique way of getting there, and finding themselves. As I get older (early thirties now) I feel I am starting to find myself. I found my spiritually in my teens, but it has only been in the last couple of years that I am really finding my path and way. As part of my journey I have choose to veil, it was not forced upon me, I am not oppressed. I have found great comfort in my religion. Have really started to listen to the calls of the God's and Goddess's. Finding your path and what is asked of you by the God's and Goddess's and finding your way can be a frustrating and yet an amazing journey. It may not take you the places you think but it will take you the places you need to go.
Have a Blessed Day

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